Beautiful Lazy Saturday Morning 6 Dec 2014

After weeks or maybe months of packed schedule, hard work and doing one thing after another, here was one Saturday morning that I had the luxury of spending time with myself only. In today’s world we all dearly miss something and that is spending time with ourselves. We forget that we have a mind of our own that needs rest, which demands peace and it wants to be alone for some time at least.

As I woke up, I found the morning to be pleasant as well as a little bit cold. It was the kind of wintry morning with warm sunshine. That one would feel the chill when in shade and you would want to keep yourself in the sunshine. And definitely not sit indoors. I checked my routine, which I don’t write down in anything, I just go over my mind, then I checked my mobile phone WhatsApp for any important messages, which sadly aren’t many these days. So I rolled out of my bed, brushed my teeth and freshened up and thought of going out for a jog. Health is a kind of thing that we try to take care but we miss out.

But the air was like hold on, hold on, relax…. Even if you don’t have work, you don’t need to work out and stress yourself out… So I decided against going out for jogging. Instead I sat on the rooftop, facing the morning sun with its slanted rays upon my face. Then only I did realize I was enjoying the blessing of the almighty. Here I must pause to ask a question, how many of us in a while have sat and just enjoyed the warm sunshine falling on one’s face. This is one of the most beautiful things that there is on this planet. As I sat there enjoying myself, I felt myself dissolving and the other so called important issues becoming almost non-existent.

After spending some time, I climbed down and went towards the market for some early morning breakfast. I didn’t feel like preparing breakfast today so thought of checking out the local market as to what all was available. I have been to this place a thousand times, but today my mind was noticing things that it had not noticed before.

Let me describe the place in brief. The market is at a traffic junction with shops an all four sides of the road. During morning times shopkeepers of different shops lay small snack counters on the footpath selling various items. As I moved on, going from one food counter to another, checking on the items and deciding what to eat and what not. All these food counters are temporary and by 11 o’clock, each one of them packs up and cleans the place and carries the dustbins allocated to each one of them and gets over with the days business.

Most of the shops sell medu-vada, vada-pao, bun-butter, poha, upma, masala dosa, plain dosa, dal-vada, kachori, samosa and finally tea. One can have samosa and kachori like items with tomato sauce and green chilli sauce and if you go for the other items, one will be served with ample amount of sambar and coconut chautney. All these items are in the range of Rs10 to Rs30. I decided to settle with medu-vada sambar mix for Rs20 only. After I finished my breakfast, I decided to take tea from the tea vendor, whose one glass is for Rs10. I took tea and found a place on the side of the shops, outside on the front pavements of the shops.

As I quietly sat there, drinking my cup of tea, I came to notice a lot of things, which for some reason or the other I have missed before. I noticed the behavior of people, what all things they were doing, what all things they were doing to earn their livelihood.

The food joint workers were frying the items in hot pan, carefully frying and unloading the food items into baskets to drain out the oil of the deeply fried food items like medu-vada and vada pao. Some of them were busy trying to get the round shape of the dosa. While those sitting at the cash counters were busy trying to collect money and giving food coupons to the people who queued up to have a bite.

Then there were other shops and shop-keepers doing other business. For one reason or another, the local newspaper uncle did not get to sit on his place from where he sells newspaper; instead he had to make a make-shift arrangement in front of the local wine, which remains closed till 11 am in the morning. From there he was running his business. Other traders also caught my attention and the way the people were having their breakfasts. There was a group of five-six boys, most of them daily wage earners, who had bought tea from the nearby tea-stall. They had also bought some packets of Parle-G biscuits and were dipping them in their cup of tea and making the most of their breakfast time. This reminded me of the time when I used to be at my home and enjoy my days milk with the same biscuits.

At the crossing, the main junction there is some hardware and plywood shops. Most of them open their shops at 9 am. One by one they opened their shops and after opening the shop shutters, the first thing that all of them did was o touch the foot of the door with their right hand and then touch their hand to their forehead. Only after that did they enter the premises of their shops. Some shopkeepers were also busy sweeping the waste away from the front of their shops. Then there is the sweet shop, whose employers were busy unloading sweets, snacks and other items from an auto and keeping them in the shop. It was all happening in front of my eyes and this same process repeats every day. But somehow we miss all this as we are too busy to pay any attention to detail. We are in some kind of race as we have to go to the bus stop, catch the bus, check our mobiles, reply to the overnight office emails and many other things are on our mind.

I felt good looking and noticing all these things and was really feeling happy to unclutter my mind after ages. As I sat there, enjoying the things that the people were doing I felt relaxed.


Where can one find ANGEls!!!

People go to temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship and religious places either to seek God or to wash away their sins. What many of us do not realize is that God, the Almighty does not reside in temples; he’s in our hearts. We just need to channel our energies in the right direction and we will experience the perfect bliss. My next question to you have you seen an angel or experienced a miracle or where can we find one? The answer to this all this soul searching is really not tat difficult to find and literally quite straight forward. What I think may not be correct, but one things for sure I have felt his powers by my side and they do assure me that all that is happening  around me is because of his bliss and when nothing will be their, the omnipresent will hold my hand and make me cross the bridge safely. Let me share one experience of mine with you all out there.


Persons or guys and girls like me who work away from home due to various reasons have to travel a lot. This time when I was traveling fromDelhito Pune, my place of work, the AC-3-Tier ticket that I had was an RAC. For those who don’t know what it means, it actually means that I would have to share my berth with another person during the entire journey of fourteen hundred kilometers. The journey began as all journeys should, but it had an experience in store for me that I had to undergo and it did leave an imprint on my mind. I did not ask the Ticket checker if any vacant seat was not available nor did I try to bribe him. I don’t know how to do all those things and for a Bengali like me honour comes first than money or stress. But an hour before Jhansi junction (a station on the way) was to arrive he came to my seat and asked me to remind him that seat no. 8 will get vacant and you an avail it for the rest of the journey.


Well this was nothing short of unusual and I was delighted, so when the mentioned station came, I went to search him and remind him about his words. But alas! To my utter disgust and disappointment, by rule it is in this junction that the ticket checker change duty. For me the ordeal started again but this time I had a thread to hang on to. I requested the other ticket checker about what the previous one had told me and finally I did manage to get hold of seat/birth no 8. I immediately shifted my luggage to that berth and settled myself down for the night’s sleep as it was already 9:30 P.M. by 10 o’clock I was already asleep.


Knock! Knock! The same ticket checker woke me up saying, “Bhai Saab! Yeh seat to book hai. Yeh dekho confirm ticket. Seat khali kar do please. ” I was taken aback, what the hell happened, checked my watch to see what time it was. It was just five minutes past midnight. Before I could ask him anything or come to consciousness, he asked me again to vacate the seat. The checker was adamant, “Nahi na. Dekho iss ticket pe inka no. likha hai. Jaldi se seat khali kar do.” Disappointed, disgusted and flabbergasted as I was about to get down from my upper berth seat, a gentleman in his late fifties very casually told the ticket checker, who was just standing their tha, “ Arre yaar, abhi to tere saath 8 no. seat lekhar baat ki aur tune fix bhi kar diya. Arre beta to hamare saath jar aha hai, usi ticket me 8 no likha tha . fir se dikhana padegya kya tere ko.”.  I could tell by the look on the checkers face that he was deeply confused and thinking had to recollect what the gentleman had just told him. He was just standing their, confused, when the man again said, “Kya hua ?? sab thik to hai na, abhi tosettle kiya tha, yeh to hamare saath hi jaa raha hai.” The checker was confused as he could not recollect so he just did what he was told. He looked at me and told me, “ Oh sai hai, thik hai. Sorry sirji, please go to sleep. Sorry to disturb you.”


The events that just happened were something that I could also not believe. This gentleman, who had just helped me in keeping my seat, just came out of the blue to help me. Before this interaction with the checker I had not seen him. He was the angel who had come there, only to help me. I can simply say he was GODSENT. I thanked him earnestly for what he had done for me and all those people out there who travel know what it means to have a seat for the night. Had it not been for him I would have had to vacate the berth and return to my earlier berth where once again I would have had to share.  But this man who did not know anything about who, who also like me had not seen me earlier, who had not even talked with me, helped me not for any reasons or gains that he might get. He just helped me.


 I am more than cent percent sure that angels walk through this earth in disguise of a common man and it is up to us only to realize that we have met one. Let me remind you I did not find him in temple, church, mosque or a synagogue nor did I find him in the most religious of places but in a train compartment as a fellow passenger who was on his way to some destination.  Many of you out their may not agree with me, will also argue with me when I say to you that I go to temple only when I feel like not every Tuesday or Saturday. But I am more confident than any of you that I will find help, that God will help me when-ever I am in distress. He will definitely come forward and help me whether in the form of a friend, an unknown person, a telephone call or any event that on cannot think of. I know that what I want in life, I will ask the Almighty for it and since my prayer is sincere he will give it to me provided the time for that thing has come. So I might have to wait but if there is truth and purity in your heart and when you ask for it your soul does not stop you will get it.


And last but not the least do not complain about the small as well as the big things, whatever the situation be. Please know one thing for sure, that there is power in this universe beyond our comprehension that will put together people, event, circumstances and time to bring forth to what you have asked for provided what all I mentioned above are true and you have started working towards it. In the end I can only say that ask for what-ever you want from the depth of your heart…….


A strange connection

What I am going to write now is about something that many of us have experienced many times in our life. But I do not know as to how many of you believe in this. This thing or happening has happened with me and I am sure many of you would have g=had a similar experience.

Last Thursday I received a call from my friend Tanay, who is residing in Kolkata, his native place and the city where I spent my graduation years. After moving to Bangalore I had talked with him a couple of times over the phone. On that eventful day, I felt like talking to him and I even picked up the mobile phone to dial his number. But I put my mobile handset down thinking that why should I always call. If he is not bothered to know how I am or care for me, why should I call him, so I slammed my mobile down on bed thinking it to be no good and I continued reading with the magazine that I had in hand. Even though, I badly wanted to talk to him.

Unbelievable but true, in the next five minutes my mobile rang and it was his call. I just cannot express it on paper as to how happy I was to receive his call. I told him I was thinking about you and I decided not to call you and then you called the very next instant. This strange thing, this strange connection is called TELEPATHY in English language. No, Science does not have an explanation for this nor does disagrees of this. Telepathy is some kind of connection, to be more specific a mental connection between two persons who share a strong bond of love between them, who care for each other, who feel for each other.

I have been living without my parents for 5 long years and I have felt this happening with on a number of occasions. Whenever I feel for my mom or dad or they for me, we end up calling each other. It also happens with some close friends of mine who really care for me.

This thing will happen with you, only if our feelings for that person are true and you really feel for that person from your heart. You do not need a wireless mobile and the latest gizmos to make that person know about you. But you do need these instruments for effective communication.

All you need is a pure heart and a mind and heart combination that truly cares and loves for those special persons in your life. I know many of you out there would have truly experienced this feeling. It would be nice if some of you share this experience of yours with me over this page. Well, I leave it to you…..














Ek baksho misti (A Box of Sweets)

Ek baksho misti in English means a box of sweets. Let me tell you the story revolving this box of sweets that was gifted to me by friend. There’s nothing unusual with gifting someone sweets, but I beg to differ. It holds a very special place in my heart. If I had not received this present I may not have known goodness, kindness, benevolence, I may have not known what true care or even true friendship is!

I come from a city quite different from Kolkata. I come from Delhi. The two cities are very much different in their tastes. When I came to Kolkata I didn’t know what true friendship was. Now three and a half years have passed, I have made many friends, made many acquaintances, fallen in love, know the pain of loving someone who seemed to be yours but was not yours, so I guess I know I can tell you something related to me and the people around me.

I will not hide it from you that I was in love with a girl for whom I cared and still I care a lot. But something was never right between the two of us. Everyday, whenever we talked we ended up upsetting each other. What I thought was love from my side was not love from her side. I cared for her day and night, told her everything I knew, never hid anything from her. But the magic between the two of us was missing.

Had it not been for my friend Akshay(name changed) I would have been not writing this story to you. This Bhai Phota when all and sundry were busy with their friends and families, celebrating family reunion, celebrating Bhai Phota with their brothers and sisters, I as usual alone in this city, Kolkata was sitting and giving tests in my tuition centre. I meet with this guy, Akshay only on weekends when we have our classes in tuition centre for five to six hours only.

After having attended Bhai Phota, he came to the tuition centre. That day he returned my notebook and alongwith it he gave me a box of sweets. It contained five different sweets one gulab-jamun, one Sondesh, one Kheer-Kadombo and two other sweets whose names I don’t know. I thank him form the depths of my heart, not as a courtesy but for doing something so noble. When all the people I cared for, I loved were busy with their life, with their festivities it was he and his mother who thought about me.

I have never met his mother but had talked to her on one occasion and by accident on that very particular day on phone for thirty three seconds. The mother- son duo thought about my loneliness, they thought about how miserable I feel when I am not with my family. He felt my feelings and this moved me, raised me to a new platform, made me realize that its time to move on in life, there are more important things in life than caring for someone who doesn’t even bothers to think about me. The girl I loved has had a tremendous change in her attitude towards me. She was not like this before and I know this has happened because I behaved wrongly with her. I tried to make it up with her but sometime everything that one does makes no effort what-so-ever.

This guy in this world cared for me, the one who was feeling very lonely on that particular day. He made me realize that it’s better to let go and not hold on to things over which you have no control. When you try to hold on to people, they make you feel miserable as they don’t value you. Once one of my friends very nicely said to me what the reason for your gloominess is. Why do you feel unhappy for someone you doesn’t see the real you. He asked me, “what is the precious thing that I hold in life?” or rather what is the most precious thing that all of us possess in life? This treasure is our mind. Do not borrow it to somebody or anybody. It is the thing that is yours only. Take care of it, don’t hurt it for anyone. It needs to be taken care of and nurtured very carefully.

The box of sweets for me was nothing short of a miracle it made me feel strong, it made me see that there are other people beside her who care for me much more than her. I should invest in them because thy are the ones who are going to make me feel special, they are the ones who are going to care for me, they are the ones who are going to help me when I am in trouble, they are the ones who are going to make me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Adversities always make the best come out of us. It happens in my case atleast. This crucial period in life will not come back again. The past doesn’t matter even a single bit, it holds no significance, as you cannot change it. Live in the present and work hard, make yourself strong so that you have a nicely carved out future, so that you don’t have to beg to anyone. This life of ours is a one time affair, make the most of it because once the wick of the candle burns out you are not going to get another chance to light it up…

movie @240/-

Movie @ 240/-

Movie ticket priced at 240 rupees. Yes, this is what I am going to write about. Before I begin, a word of caution for all those who are going to read my article. I am in no way a movie critic and I am not going to analyze the movie from every nook and corner. I am just going to shed some light on some aspects that this film deals with.

15 January 2010, yes that was the day I had gone to see my first 3-D movie AVATAR. This film has been a world-wide hit, breaking many a barriers and smashing numerous records. The film has been directed by James Cameron, who had earlier directed ‘TITANIC’, which a won a record 11 Oscars. Avatar is receiving many accolades for its special effects, science-fiction story, the way its characters have been created, the global crisis of energy and global warming, deforestation that the earth faces today and which is going to become more severe and worse as the years go by.

In the movie, the human race struggles to obtain the mineral unobtanium, which has the capability to end the energy crisis that we are facing. But it must be obtained from an earth like planet inhabited by the ‘Navis’. In order to obtain it the forest must be destroyed and the Navis love their forest as it is their very soul. The movie deals with how they fight off the humans in their bid to save their planet and much more. However, it for you people to find out how the plot evolves and what happens, at the theatre. I loved watching the movie at the theatre because it was my first 3-D movie and also because of the special effects.

Lets leave all these accolades and laurels aside, which this film is receiving for a time being and let me dwell on some of the aspects that I have come across while I watched it with rapt attention. We Indians should be proud of our cultural and literary heritage that has been given to us by our ancestors. The saints and sages of yore and yonder have always believed and they still to this day prophesize that the spirit is the only thing that is permanent in this world of ours. The body is temporary; we are here only for a limited period of time. The soul enters the body of an individual we he is born and leaves it when that person dies. This cycle goes on continuing until the soul is freed when one attains enlightenment, which the rishis call ‘moshk ki upalabdhi ’. The present Indian generation is so engrossed in the activities of the western world that is forgetting who we actually are. We are trying to ape the west in all forms we can, form the threads of our hair to the nail of our toes. Is this aping of the western culture which teaches us or provides a way of materialistic life and living in luxury and excessive comfort beyond one’s basic necessities necessary? Will we be happy if we have everything right from our birth? Will we be happy if we have anything we want at any point of time without earning it by hard work? Will we be genuinely happy if we are able to accumulate more and more wealth? Many of those who read this may disagree with me but through experience I have learnt that what I have earned or gained by my virtue of patience and hard work and constant striving has given me much more pleasure and joy. When one earns something by sheer hard work he not only knows its price but also its value.

In Avatar, the Navi believed that the Ewya, the sacred tree has the power to extirpate all suffering and is the most sacred thing. It is the symbol of divinity and protects and nurtures all the creatures of the forest. In gist this means or I can say the film wants to portray that we need to love our mother earth. It has been shown in the film how the spirit leaves the human body and gets transferred to the body of the Navi. Many of us don’t believe in spiritualism, how the spirit leaves one body behind and takes another, how the energies are channelized but they will clap with both their hands and applause a movie like this which basically uses the concepts that our rishis have taught long ago.

Don’t get me on the wrong side though, the film Avatar shows some really good this as one should love Mother Nature, live in harmony with nature, love all its creations and creatures. But do we need a film like this to tell us these things the behavior of our souls, is it not written in our mythological textbooks and our four Vedic books? I want every Indian to realize the leviathan beauty of our culture and protect it from degenerating. We don’t need renegade kind of a people, who desert their faith and religion. But we have become ignorant in our daily pursuits. In our pursuit of happiness, we have forgotten our brothers and sisters, we have forgotten to live in harmony with nature, we have forgotten to value the creations of nature, we have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten to be human.

We need to realize that one cannot find happiness if he pursuits for it. Would the butterfly look as mesmerizing and charming if you held it in your hand or if you plucked the rose? Don’t run after happiness and love, it will elude you, give up these materialistic pursuits, this rat-race, this competition and try to search for the inner well being as this is the only happiness that exists. We all know these things; we just need to apply these little things. It is high time my friends if we don’t arise from our slumber at this point of time maybe we will never arise at all and go down into deep slumber. We cannot be oblivious anymore.

Don’t savage the earth and its creatures for we are not barbarians. Everything has its place and plays its part. For who are we to decide the fates of all beings when we don’t possess the power to give life how can we give them death. Isn’t what the movie Avatar teaches? Isn’t it what our and all other Holy Scriptures teach? There is a balance between life and death that must not be disturbed.

I adjure to every single Indian to take up this fight to love everything that is Indian and feel proud to be born as an Indian. For we have a cultural and literary heritage so beautiful as no other civilization has, so we must take an oath to protect what is ours and to carry on this legacy forward. I urge earnestly to all those who are doing nothing to do nothing to, to not protest, to not be an obstacle to those who are working for our sacred motherland.

P.S: I hope you like it..

Are we that much busy as we look?

Are we that much busy as we look?

This question has been doing the rounds of my mind for quite sometime now. I am at present confounded by what we mean when we say that we are busy. Everyone I meet in college, in shopping malls, in parks and on the streets and bus seem so engrossed in something that they don’t seem to have time to unwind themselves. They call themselves busy, but I seriously doubt their claim!

Let us take a look at our present day lifestyle. Before I provide you all with a picture of how we go about our day to day chores, I would like to emphasize the fact that my writing mainly deals with the upper middle class and the so called high class. I have written my thoughts related to these two classes as these people have much of the comfort that technology can bestow at this point of time. Starting from the big motorized gadgets like motorcycle, cars to the medium ones like refrigerators, televisions, computers, micro-ovens and finally to the small ones like mobile phones, palm-tops, 8 or 16 G.B i-pods, this generation has it all.  The list is endless. We define technology as that entity that tends to reduce human-work and effort and tends to make our life simple, hassle free and most of all comfortable. Has technology been able to achieve all this? Sure it has done loads to make the above statement true but it also has some negative sides. I would like to dwell on that particular part.

Let’s at first delineate the activities of people belonging to different age group. First comes the teenage group, this group mainly includes the higher secondary and under graduate students. Next comes, the private sector employees. People belonging to these to groups can be seen going to the gym on a regular basis for about an hour and half with headphones plucked into their ears. Most of them work out on the treadmill accompanied by some light weight-lifting and stretching. Now consider the favourite pastime of the majority of people. Children tend to watch cartoon (well the number is dwindling) but most of them end up watching family dramas, daily soaps and reality shows. The students prefer to spend most of their time chatting with online friends some they know, some they don’t or else surfing the web. Internet has revolutionized our lives and today’s youngsters are much more updated and conscious about their surroundings than those were 10 years back. The present day mom’s and aunties, who are the home-makers, are also quite tech-savvy.  The modern kitchen has electronic gadgets from mixers, juicers and choppers of all kinds to double door refrigerators, micro-ovens, geysers and electric chimneys and 4 burner cooking stoves. These devices do reduce a lot stress and suffering for our moms who tend to utilize their surplus times watching more daily drama soaps or by going to the gyms or by gossiping. In today’s lifestyle, servants do play a big role from mopping up the floors, disinfecting the toilets, chopping the vegetables, cooking meals, ferrying the small children to and fro from school and tuitions and what not. They carry out each and every task, big or small. Still we say that we haven’t got time. Well I beg to disagree.

Can chatting with friends over the internet be called as busy? Does walking on the treadmill fall in the category of being busy? Does watching TV serials, makes one busy? Seriously, we call ourselves busy while what we really need is just to change our lifestyle a little bit here and there. Most people waste a lot of time doing useless chatting, in its place I will urge up to go to parks and socialize and play some outdoor games with yours friends, the oxygen supply will freshen you up and it’s certainly much more pleasurable. Using the treadmill is all but a serious health hazard; it damages the knees and ankles and is a big no-no for those persons who suffer from heart ailments. A gym is closed enclosure, there’s hardly any fresh supply of oxygen. No matter how many ventilators are used it can never match the natural surrounding of the outside world. Why exercise indoors when we have got such a lovely atmosphere outside in the wee hours of the morning. The headphones plucked into our ears pose a grave health concern for our ears, the present generation is much less sensitive to low decibel noise and will ultimately become deaf if this trend continues. Besides that, those who have headphones tucked into their ears most of the time provide a clear picture of their mental health. They are restless in their mind and can’t concentrate on one particular thing. The person also lacks peace and tranquility in his mind. As most the women do not perform any household chores, their weights keep on increasing, they have ample time which is utilized in going to the gym or watching daily soaps and gossiping, which can be hardly called as busy. If they do little household chores like mopping and dusting, chopping the vegetables, cooking the meals themselves rather than let their servants do it, most of them would indeed find them much more pleasurable and it will also help them to take care of their figure. Like the old wise saying goes work is worship. If the present generation gives more time to outdoor sports then they will come to know the value of team spirit, endurance, mental stability and much more. If one is good in sports then he or she can face the adversities and challenges of life in a much more fruitful way.

My firm belief is that we need to make life less complicated by using less of these electronic gadgets and use them judiciously. Mobiles phones are a serious threat to family integrity. Separate television sets in rooms create a sense of individuality in the household. Most of the children do not talk to their siblings and parents as a result of this. Try to remove the non-essential things from your life and use technology where it is need the most. There is no need for working parents to have a separate day for their child in order to spend quality time. Switch off the television, plug out the headphones from their children ears, turn of the internet and videos games. Go out to buy vegetables either by walking or by using the bicycle and take your son or daughter along with you. In this way, you too will remain fresh in mind and off course in good health. Clean up the book shelves, do some gardening, wash the dishes in the kitchen; these are some of the little household chores that bring a family together and creates family bonding. Technology has taken these little enjoyable things out of our lives and we need to make a little effort to introduce them back into our lives. Use the stairs in offices and apartments instead of using the lift in this way the need to go to a gym would never arise and you would save ample time as you don’t need to work out extra hours. Walk or use a bicycle to go to all nearby places, it is good for health and is also eco-friendly. I hope people will think twice before they call themselves busy after reading this article.

Friends trust me we are not as busy as we think ourselves to be. Changing some things in some ways in some places will go a long way in making us lead a less stressful life. Sit back for a while and think with a clear mind as to what you are doing, take a stock of things. It in these small things that happiness lies. And these small moments turn out to be the most beautiful of things when we look back on our long life.